Here are 5 ways you can build a football brand

Here are 5 ways you can build a football brand

"Oh, it’s a lifestyle or culture brand that revolves around the beautiful game".

This is the answer I get when I ask "What’s your football brand about?"

That’s a very popular answer and I can understand why. After all, we're all contributing to growing this lifestyle by joining, documenting and sharing in this space.

After all, that was also what my first football platform was about. When I launched a blog, my goal was to ‘Grow the football culture’...

Football brands will ultimately tap into the football lifestyle/culture, but let’s see if we can change our approach to building in this space.

For this, I want you to get specific and really think about what is it that you really want to build.

To help, I’ve shared 5 different ways to approach the way you build your brand:

  1. You want to share your voice, your opinion on the beautiful game because you build credibility, find work, get hired for projects. You’re looking to build a reputation around you and what you believe in when it comes to football.

  2. You have built a skillset, you want to share and offer it to the football space. It can be packaged as a service, a product, a digital product. You’re leveraging your expertise in that skill set and applying it to a passion of yours.

  3. You've identified an opportunity or a gap in the market. You’ve done your research and noticed that there's a new space for you to play in. That brand is going to be about offering a product, service, or platform to fill that gap.

  4. You want to give back. In this case, you’re hosting events, offering support to people in your local community, providing a safe space for others, helping people excel in life through the game we all love.

  5. You’re exploring. You’re eager to learn new things, start a new hobby, practice, develop your creativity. There's plenty of room for you to explore.

These 5 approaches are non-linear and can be mixed with each other, meaning that:

  • You can share your unique take on the game because you’ve identified a gap in the market.
  • You’re exploring a new way to produce creative outputs, with the intention of selling it as a skill.
  • You’re launching a product because you’ve identified a gap in the market and it’s a way for you to give back to a community.

And remember: what you build now can be a stepping stone towards what you want to achieve in the long run.

Hope this was helpful and here’s to you building the next chapter of your amazing journey with football.

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