Building a football side hustle? Start with Notion

Building a football side hustle? Start with Notion

Are you a passionate football enthusiast, thinking of turning your love for the beautiful game into a thriving side hustle? Perhaps you're a new content creator, an up-and-coming coach looking to make a greater impact locally, or an aspiring creative seeking to tap into the football industry's immense potential.

In the dynamic world of football, from grassroots to the grandest stages, building and growing your brand can be a game-changer. Whether you're crafting content, offering services, or marketing football-related products, your ability to stay organized, efficient, and creative is the key to success. That's where choosing the right productivity tools can come in handy.

In this article, we'll explore using Notion as a productivity tool to empower you to streamline your operations, and start making a significant impact in the world of football.

From managing your content creation process to keeping track of your goals and engaging your audience, Notion can be a trusted teammate in your journey to building a successful football brand.

I'll also share a few ways you can integrate Notion in your routine.

Ready? Let's begin.


Notion: Your All-in-One Football Productivity Tool

When it comes to productivity tools, Notion is at the top of my list. While it has done wonders for my productivity, it has been nothing short of a game-changer for my focus. 

In a world where apps often come with a multitude of functions and settings, Notion stands out with its minimalist yet robust layout.

But don't be fooled by its simplicity. Notion can expand to meet your specific needs, becoming a true all-in-one productivity tool.

How it Works

Notion can best be described as a digital workspace where everything begins with a database. You can use it to organize your ideas, thoughts, resources, libraries, documentation, tasks, projects, and much more.

Professionally, I've primarily used Notion as a project management tool for myself and my clients. Recently, I started documenting all my business processes to make this information accessible to future collaborators.

The Personal Use plan provides everything you need to get started on Notion, including access to their template library, tutorials, and webinars.

As a solopreneur myself, I find that Notion is best suited for my reality and my professional work routine.


How I Use Notion for Lavictoire

While there are endless possibilities for using Notion, my main applications are as a content calendar and a second brain.

Content Calendar

The content calendar is crucial for me. It's where I organize all my content ideas, even those that won't be produced immediately.

As someone who generates new ideas constantly, Notion helps me get those ideas out of my head and into an organized list. Having a clear view of my ideas allows me to make informed decisions and focus on what truly matters.

The ideas I want to work on become content pieces. What sets Notion apart is that every item in a list has its own dedicated page. For example, I can click on one of my ideas and start brainstorming. I can then move on to drafting an article, scripting a podcast episode, or planning social media content. Each content idea becomes a source of inspiration for more ideas.

With the calendar view, I can assign a publication date to each content piece and track its progress. This structured approach helps me maintain momentum.

Second Brain

Inspired by Tiago Forte's concept of a Second Brain, I use Notion to organize my digital life, centralizing ideas, thoughts, resources, and connections. In a world of information overload, a Second Brain helps me access what truly matters. It's a repository for ideas, insights, inspirations, and connections acquired during my journey.

Each day, I use the Second Brain principle to store links, articles, videos, posts, or documents relevant to my football journey. The Notion web clipper is a handy tool for quickly adding items to my Second Brain list. However, managing a large number of resources can be challenging. Therefore, I've implemented a review process for new items, placing them in an 'Inbox' where I can review and annotate them.

For videos, I watch them entirely and note one or two key messages with their timecodes. For articles, I copy and paste significant sentences or sections. Notion's simplicity helps me focus on the most important content.

Task Manager

While Notion can serve as a task manager, I've found that two sections are sufficient for my needs. In recent years, I struggled with the "shiny object syndrome," constantly seeking new tools. I wasted time searching for the perfect tool instead of using one that met my requirements.

In the future, I may add a task manager to my Notion workspace, particularly for new projects or external client workspaces.

How You Can Use Notion for Your Football Side Hustle

Notion's minimalist interface is ideal for focusing on tasks, whether you're writing articles or brainstorming content ideas for the next month.

The free plan offers a wealth of ready-to-use templates, including project tracking, task management, and expense tracking. Here are some suggestions for using Notion in your football side hustle, whether you're a content creator, service provider, or a hobbyist exploring a side hustle in football.

As a Football Content Creator, You Can Use Notion To:

  • Organize your ideas
  • Create a content calendar
  • Draft and script your content pieces
  • Prioritize based on publication dates
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Develop a roadmap for upcoming content series
  • Build a CRM for potential partnerships and collaborations

As a Private Coach or Club Coach, You Can Use Notion To:

  • Organize your coaching sessions
  • List and categorize all your drills
  • Manage your client list
  • Create a library of exercises or drills for clients as an added service
  • Generate invoices
  • Track your clients' progress
  • Store relevant articles, journals, or research documents

As a Hobbyist Exploring a Side Hustle in Football, You Can Use Notion To:

  • Create a moodboard
  • Develop a Second Brain
  • Define your macro and micro goals
  • List and monitor your tasks
  • Build a calendar to visualize your tasks
  • Brainstorm ideas and access them regularly


Notion's strength lies in its adaptability to your specific needs. However, productivity tools can sometimes lead to spending too much time building the perfect system, resulting in wasted time. For optimal use of Notion, begin small and become familiar with its core features. If you find yourself creating too many databases, lists, or pages, step back and reassess what truly matters to you.


In summary:

  • Notion is a digital workspace with a focus on customizable databases.
  • Its minimal layout enhances productivity and focus.
  • Notion can serve as a task manager, content calendar, notebook, CRM, and more.
  • I use Notion for content planning and as a digital repository for ideas.
  • Notion helps me transition from idea to action and allows me to prioritize effectively.
  • I start and end my day with Notion, making it a valuable part of my workflow.
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