5 creative side projects to stand out in your future career in football

Creative football side projects for your career

We often associate side-projects with entrepreneurial or new revenue streams. While that’s not false, side projects can be a great creative way to build your reputation and skills if you’re looking for a new professional career in the football industry.

The following ideas can go a long way and even help your resume stand out from other candidates.

Creating a blog

This is honestly still perceived as under-evaluated idea. Blogs are amazing to share your thoughts, ideas and insights into the world of football and can help you establish yourself as a growing voice or expert in the field.

By sharing articles consistently on your own platform, you are improving your skills as a write while creating a portfolio that is easily accessible and shareable to your future employer.


Building social presence

Create a social media presence is a simple go-to idea if you’re looking to gain exposure, build an audience and share your unique take on football in creative ways. Platforms like Instagram or Tiktok can help you build a quick following while learning the latest content creation trends. Sharing ideas and thoughts on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn can help you build reputation with future coworkers and important figures in your football market.


Starting a podcast

Another great way to showcase your ideas and insights is to host a podcast where you can share your knowledge or interact with guests to build your network. In both cases, you are developing new skills as a host and podcast producer.

Creating and managing a podcast can also showcase your ability to manage projects and deadlines.

You can build a content strategy that is based on your career objectives. As a suggestion, if you are looking for a marketing role, you can provide a curated take on the latest trends in football or invite people who are currently working in the marketing field for professional clubs all around the world.


Hosting a live event

That one can really build a strong case for your event management skills. Whether it’s hosting a viewing party, tournament or discussion panel, you’re developing and showcasing your skills as a creative, project manager, event organizer and team player.

Through this event, you’re connecting with others in the industry and building an impressive network of future partners, which can be very beneficial for future events in your career.

Make sure that you are able to connect with the attendees after the event by collecting email addresses at the entrance or through digital ticketing tools.

Lastly, make sure that you are following your city, state or country’s Health and Safety guidelines.


Starting a newsletter

Like blogs and podcasts, newsletters are a great way to build your reputation and skills regularly. The key elements in newsletters lies in your ability to be consistent and provide a unique take on football. You can curate news, share stories of success in the industry, build case studies from news and events or share your own perspective on specific areas of the game.

If you are looking for a career in a specific field, then make sure that you are aligning your messaging with relevant topics. For instance, you can look for a career in partnerships by sharing a weekly or monthly newsletter on activations that you’ve particularly enjoyed. You can position yourself as a great source of information for potential employers..

Another great thing about starting a newsletter is that you are collecting email addresses in the process, which means you’ll have access to a growing network of people working in and around football.


These ideas should serve as a way for you to launch your own project, learn new skills, build your reputation and stand out from other candidates as you look for a professional career in the football industry.

Good luck!

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