How to build and own your football space

How to build and own your football space

Social media channels are powerful tools. They can help you reach and exchange with people you’ve never met, in countries you’ve never set foot in, and build a global reputation.

They’re even free to use... but it comes at a cost.

  • You have very little control (if any) over the algorithm.
  • Most of the behaviour on these platforms is passive. Followers are scrolling through their feeds, which basically a mix of different things.
  • So much noise! Your message can get easily lost in the mix.
  • Last one - What would you do if these social media platforms were to disappear tomorrow?

So what should you do?

A balanced environment

This isn’t a rallying cry to stop posting content on social media platforms. By all means, these are powerful tools to reach an audience you could never imagine reaching.

However, the goal is to leverage your social media presence by adding platforms you own to your digital ecosystem.

The bigger goal is to build trust and reputation so you can convince the audience you’ve built on social media platforms to visit, convert and make an action on platforms you own.

This means that you would be looking at building a balanced environment of Platforms you don't control/own vs Platforms you own/control.

That can be a:

  • Website
  • Online store
  • Newsletter Opt-in
  • Opt-in to download a brochure, ebook, video
  • Portfolio
  • Booking System
  • Subscription-based platform (Patreon)
I would also include Youtube and podcasts in that list. Let me explain.

You could argue that Youtube is a social media platform, but it's also the second most-used search engine, just behind its owner, Google.

Traditionally speaking, social media platforms are linked to passive scrolling (ie. going through our feeds). Youtube is a different beast, where there is more of an active scrolling with people searching for specific themes, topics, tutorials, tips.

Just like Youtube, podcasting is a powerful long-form media that brands can use to convey their messaging.

Reframing the way you build online

This does not mean you should solely focus on a platform you own. Use social media to your advantage and leverage its power to help reach your own goals as a football brand, personal brand or business.

Keep building and make sure that you are creating this balanced environment for your own success!

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