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  • Gildas Messan Awuye's testimonial for Lavictoire FC

    "A great kickstarter!"

    “Lavictoire was a great kickstarter to my project. The simplicity of the format made it easy to start. And we all know how starting is the hardest step.”

    Gildas Messan Awuye
    Football Saved My Life

  • Noah Alexander Lennon's testimonial for Lavictoire FC

    "Massively Motivating!"

    Worth every cent. Yvan had provided structure and expertise that has really helped me streamline my processes with my work and my artists collective, and it's been incredible to make the football friends I have from this community.

    Noah Alexander Lennon

  • Budreya Faisal's testimonial for Lavictoire FC

    "The most insightful & inspiring football content community"

    This community is extremely special to me and the stories shared, and the people that share them, always have me looking for ways to grow and improve my own game, as well as my teams'. The best part... is that we all really connect for our love of the creative side of the beautiful game. Lifetime member, no doubt.

    Budreya Faisal
    Ghost Concept

  • Adrian Sousa's testimonial for Lavictoire FC

    “What all football creators are looking for!”

    Whether you're looking for inspiration, a sounding board for ideas, opportunities in the football job market or simply connect with other creators worldwide, then you've come to the right place.

    Adrian Sousa

  • Chris Abbey's testimonial for Lavictoire FC

    "Get inspired and join a diversified football community"

    Here I have been able to find inspiration, exchange ideas and especially to get quick feedback on my project. The community is really friendly and there is a great variety of content available to learn, grow and build your own story with soccer. I even had the opportunity to share some of my experience as a content creator.

    Chris Abbey
    Du temps et des jeux

  • Jason Gisoo Kim's testimonial for Lavictoire FC

    "A true community for football creators!"

    The Internet can be overwhelming and at times, difficult. Since joining Lavictoire, I immediately felt connected to a community of like-minded peers who share the same passion and love for football. This place is blessed!

    Gisoo Kim
    Soccer Pilgrim

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