About Lavictoire

Hi, I'm Yvan Delia-Lavictoire.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years developing digital strategies and producing content for industry leaders, major sports organizations, media outlets and agencies.


that wasn't part of the original plan.

I studied in Management of IT, and started a career in that field, working for a massive company.

I did that because I thought it was the only way to earn money: Get hired, show up, attend meetings and go home.

Deep down though, I felt like something was missing in my professional life.

I had ideas, I wanted to try new things, share my passion, expertise, know-how and help others too.

So I quit that career, started a blog, not knowing that this was going to be the start of an amazing journey during which I got to work as a social media manager, content producer, strategist and marketing consultant

Now, I am thrilled to share my 10+ years of experience with a new generation of bold entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers.

Through consulting services, courses and tools, I want to help you:

  • Add clarity, focus and structure to your digital presence
  • Adopt a new approach to content production
  • Optimize your strategy
  • Simplify the way you work
  • Impress your clients and generate new ones

This is my story and I can't wait to learn about yours.



I've shared my expertise and skills with the following brands.

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