10+ football side hustles to earn $1,000$

10+ football side hustles to earn $1,000$

If you’re here, chances are that you’re looking to leverage your passion for football into a new source of income. Whether you’re a lifetime supporter, a seasoned veteran or a very passionate beginner, the football industry offers a wide variety of avenues to turn your passion into profit.

In the article below, we explore 11 inspiring ways to earn $1,000 or more each month in the football industry. These ideas range from easy to start opportunities for beginners to medium complexity opportunities that might require more experience and dedication on your side. In some cases, you might need to learn to use digital tools, website builders or eCommerce platforms.

If you've ever dreamt of making money while sharing your passion for football, this article might be a great way to get inspired and kickstart your journey in this space.

Whether you're looking to build reputation, take on a challenge or develop new skills, there’s a pathway for you.


1. Open a vintage football store

Source and sell rare or vintage football jerseys online. While this space might have a few big players, you can look at identifying a niche in a market that’s definitely on the rise.

The key to success will be your ability to build trust with your stakeholders and clients, through your service and online store.


2. Record online football courses

Create and sell entry-level football courses on platforms like Teachable, Kajabi or Udemy, sharing your expertise with newcomers to the sport. These courses can be tailored for new coaches, parents of players, a specific set of players.


3. Offer football photography services

Provide a service for youth soccer clubs at tournaments by documenting the event, capturing the sheer excitement of the games and immortalizing team photos, that can be shared and sold to teams, parents, and even publications.


4. Launch a private coaching service

Offer specialized training sessions to help players improve a specific aspect of their game. Sessions can be offered individually or to groups and can be held weekly or monthly.

You can also explore the idea of hosting specialized training camps that last 1 to 4 weeks.


5. Start a freelance writing service

Share your football insights through articles, blogs, or match analyses for sports websites and blogs. Reach out to local clubs, leagues and also online publications that are always looking for freelance writers.


6. Launch a football podcast

That’s a popular one!

You can launch a football-themed podcast, discussing news, matchs, results or anything that you passionate about. Do the research and really focus on stand out by sharing your unique perspective on the game.

You can earn income by adding a paywall for exclusive content. Your die-hard supporters can get exclusive episodes, or access to you.

You can also build a podcast to support your online services or eCommerce websites. That can be a great way to drive traffic to your platforms and help you increase your monthly earnings.


7. Become a football-specific content creator

This might sound a bit broad, but let’s explain.

As a football content creator, you can provide your own unique perspective of the news, explain stories from the past or publish videos to explain something specific that happened in football. You could also become a curator and share Top 5s, Top 10s, Best of, Worst of, etc.

To earn income, you can explore affiliate marketing with brands that are linked to football, such as online store, betting companies and streaming services.


8. Start a blog about football

Start writing about football by providing information, reviews, or any content that can help football enthusiasts in their journey, perhaps as a consumer. Whether they are shopping for clothing, equipment or looking to subscribe to a new streaming service, you can provide with insightful information and help them in their decision-making process.

You can earn income through affiliate links, sponsored content, brand collaboration and online ads.


9. Offer social media management services

Local clubs, players, brands and stores are looking to build engagement and online presence. You can offer social media management services that include community management, content calendar creation

You can earn income every month by building a 2 or 3-tier service offer that can be renewed monthly. You can have service add-ons such as content creation, creative or any high value digital marketing services that can help you increase your monthly revenue.

    10. Start your own football merch line

    If you're into fashion or have an interest for managing a store, you can start producing and selling football merchandise, from t-shirts and scarves to collectibles and home goods.

    If you don’t want to spend on production before you start selling, you can look at having a presale with a deadline so that you can order the right quantity of products, without being left with inventory.

    You can also explore third-party production or dropshipping services.


    11. Build virtual coaching sessions

    You can leverage your in-person coaching service by adding a virtual component to it. Through these online sessions, you can provide personalized services and mindset advice to athletes from all over the world. This can be sold as one-time fee or can be leverage with a monthly or annual membership.

    You can also have live sessions or pre-recorded courses that can be sold without requiring your presence.


    All these ideas not only require an interest for football, but also a high level of dedication, motivation, curiosity and persistence. While most of these ideas have a low level of complexity to begin with, you’ll still need a basic understanding of running a small business.

    This may require you to develop new skills in sales, customer service, marketing, accounting, production or management as you look your $1,000 goal per month.

    You can also refer to these additional and relevant resources:

    Good luck and keep building your unique journey in the football industry.

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